Looking at the Large Scam Campaign on pages.dev

April 04, 2024

Originally posted on CheckPhish Community


Recently, scanner.ducks.party identified a significant number of URLs on the pages.dev domain that were part of a large-scale fraudulent campaign. Of the 36,003 URLs, 22,449 are still active and involved in fraudulent activities.

The Content of the Scam

Scam Content Example

The URLs in question are designed to appear as legitimate news or finance sites. However, their primary purpose is to lure unsuspecting visitors into a web of deception and extract personal information or money. The content of these scam sites is meticulously crafted to appeal to the desires and fears of the visitors. Here are some of the common themes and tactics used:

List of Scam Sites

To aid in the takedown of these deceptive links, I have compiled a list of the 22,449 active URLs on the pages.dev domain that are part of the scam campaign - link.

I encourage everyone to report these URLs to the relevant authorities and to share this list with others to raise awareness about the scam campaign.